Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ramblings: Another museum checked off our list (kinda), and a clothing exchange

Sweetest little leopard print bum

 Messy pigtails are the best. A true sign that someone if living life to the fullest!

National Gallery of Art
(magical light tunnel) 
After conquering this museum experience, I was on cloud nine and thought I could do it every week. Well, I can't. 
I'm happy to entertain those once in a blue moon moments when things work out magically and I am surrounded by helping hands. But sometimes, things come crashing down, FAST, and that's ok too. After being in the museum for only about ten minutes we got separated from one friend and her son. We made it to a section of the museum we had wanted to but things unraveled quickly after that.
Thankfully, I was able to laugh about it after when recounting the crazy minutes spent inside the museum with Tyson that night. One museum at a time.

And maybe this is silly to blog about but....

 I came home last Saturday with a couple of big bags full of these clothes. All for free. A church down the street from where we live was hosting a free clothing exchange for children. They do this every year and I was hoping to find some key items that I was lacking for Taryn.
  • Snow boots
  • Rain boots
  • Winter apparel 
      Check, check, and check.

 98% of the items were "gently" used and perfect for Taryn. I was also totally happy that Taryn's size- table was overflowing onto the floor with good finds.
My happiest moment was split between three things- finding rain boots, then those adorable leopard pants that I could never justify buying for Taryn, and helping my friend stock up on baby boy clothes for her baby due any day!
I've made a mental note to go to this every year (if we are still living here) or to put on something similar in the new places we live in the future. 

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  1. My ward does a "Give and Get" each year where they do a similar thing.. everyone brings things that they would be donating and everyone comes "shopping" for free. Then whatever is left over we send off to DI. I thought this was such a good idea. I was able to get stuff for my little girl and myself too ;) That is so cool that you would able to find some good stuff.