Monday, November 26, 2012

We may have started a new tradition

On our last day in Williamsburg we went to the Christmas Mouse, a christmas decoration store. There  were many christmas trees filled with there own themed ornaments like the Shoe tree, the Job tree, the Holland Windmill tree, the Sports tree, Baby first Christmas Tree and so much more! 

We picked up some ornaments and also made sure not to leave without buying Taryn her "First Christmas" ornament. I know, she's 21 months old and I am just now getting her one?!! Well, this is her first U.S. christmas so I thought it was fitting. Plus, I can't remember seeing any "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments in Bologna, Italy that I liked. Tyson found the perfect one for her and I actually cried when I saw it. For me, when you cry over something, it means it's a perfect fit. 

Down the street from Peter and Ashley is the biggest Yankee Candle store I have ever seen. The picture above is just half of it- my camera couldn't fit it all in from where I was standing in the parking lot. Clothes, toys, candles, candy and Santa's workshop were waiting for us inside. It was incredible!

After lunch we hit the road and sailed home. I was so happy that we never had to deal with traffic and that we got to spend so much time with our good friends. Peter and Ashley were so awesome to host us in their beautiful apartment, cook such yummy food and Miles was so happy and adorable! Tyson and I are lucky that we live so close to them and get along so well with the Dansie's.
 Thank you to the Dansie's for a wonderful Thanksgiving that we will never forget!! 
We loved every minute!

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