Saturday, November 24, 2012

Colonial Williamsburg

We were so very lucky to be able to spend this Thanksgiving in Williamsburg, Virginia with our dear friends, Peter & Ashley Dansie and their newborn son Miles. It was a Thanksgiving to remember with so many sweet memories made. I truly feel like I am bursting inside, just wanting to convey to all of you how happy we are that we have been blessed with such amazing friends in our lives.

About a month ago when I met my childhood friend at the Air and Space Museum, she and her husband invited my little family to join them for Thanksgiving. We wanted so badly to go and became very fortunate that circumstances lined up perfectly allowing us to make the drive down to them. We woke up bright and early the Wednesday before Turkey day at 3:00 am to be able to leave a little after 4:00am. We had heard horrible stories about traffic and nonsense surrounding holidays in the greater D.C. area that we wanted to get a jump start on our weekend and avoid all of that. We sailed through the highway and made it into Williamsburg before 7am. Sweet!


 Completely famished and super tired, we stopped at The Astronomical Pancake & Waffle House (I laugh every time I say that name!) and fueled up again on the most delicious breakfast foods. Little did we know that we had made the best breakfast choice. After driving a bit further towards the Dansie's house, we found out that Williamsburg was loaded with Pancake houses...and Christmas stores! What a perfect way to experience more of such a wonderful place.

We spent the day touring around William & Mary, where Peter Dansie attends law school, Colonial Williamsburg (oh how I wish quaint town centers like that still existed everywhere!) and preparing for the big day of Thanks.

It was a perfect day outside and well, actually, and perfect weekend outside! The air was crisp and cool, the leaves crunched under our feet, and with the Christmas wreaths hanging from the windows of the charming houses, I felt all warm and toasty inside- full of Holiday Spirit. Our babes did a wonderful job of sleeping (and staying bundled and warm) while we wandered the streets.

I remembered bits and pieces from my time here as a little girl when my big family of 10 made an epic "South Trip" through all the southern states of the U.S.A. and made our way up towards Virginia for a Scott Family reunion. I have so many fond family memories of that road trip together as a family before my oldest sibling went off to college. From Colonial Williamsburg, I remember one of my brothers and my dad participating in a town trial, playing early settlers games, and so much more. To be back years later with my little family, and to be visiting good friends who live there is just amazing to me.

Tyson & Peter in front of the Governor's mansion.

The cute little shops had our hearts as we looked at candy, ornaments, soaps, mixes, jams, candles, and more. It was a prefect first day to our Thanksgiving weekend trip.

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