Friday, November 2, 2012

One Year Ago. Picture Comparsion

Taryn at almost 21 months

 After sifting through these photos the other day, 
I couldn't take my mind off the fact that they looked so familiar. 
Then I remembered where we were one year ago today. 
In Bologna, Italy. Taking very similar pictures at the Giardini Marghertia.

 Taryn at almost 9 months

Taryn was just learning how to stand and walk in these pictures. She seems so tiny and it's crazy to think that this period in her life was a year ago.
We pulled out our winter coats not to long ago and just started wearing them again. In our pockets, I have found old stickers from the Coop Grocery store in Bologna (I had about a billion of them because the store clerks loved Taryn) and a list of things to do in Venice, Italy from one of the times we visited. Last year was an exciting adventure and this year is too! It's amazing to think about how our next adventure (wherever it may be) will be related to a job offer. 
For now, I have to soak up everything that I can of fall because it seems to be quickly disappearing. 

*we may have started to listen to Christmas music. we may have agreed that it was time to start after being indoors for two days earlier this week. and we may have really enjoyed it.

The video from one year ago here.


  1. awwww so grown up now! crazy how just a year changes so many things. :)

  2. Oh Taryn, you've grown! I can't believe that was a year ago already. Amazing what can change in a year! Love you guys.