Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Rollin' in Style

Fall is here and we are loving it! We've mixed up some hot chocolate already, a friend of mine showed me how to make her delicious whole wheat bread (grinding the wheat right in front of us!) and we are starting to enjoy all things pumpkin, though Tyson is not quite ready to jump on that band wagon just yet. Our summer had a lot of great moments in it. It was also filled with the hardest week of our lives and some continued trials that we are still working through because of it. But I would have to say that we all grew so much this summer. Our love for one another has grown stronger than I could have ever imagined.  We made some great memories in this wonderful place we live and I've put some of those snap shots here to remember.

Date night at Pedro & Vinny's. There is nothing like a good burrito from a hole in the wall establishment. Just think Chipotle but minus the chain restaurant. This was earlier on in the summer when Hadleigh was still little so she was napping almost the whole time we were out on our date. Best third wheel ever :) Thank you babysitting co-op for all the dates you provided Tyson and me. 

Tons and tons of park time at the park in our backyard. It's a fun little walk over the bridge. We've spent so much time there that Taryn now calls it "Our park" or "My park" Great thing about it?- It has big kid & baby swings :)

Time with Daddy. 
We are trying to make sure the girls get one on one time with Tyson.

One Saturday we headed to PetSmart to see the dogs up for adoption. Nope- we are not in the market for a dog…or any pet… but they are fun to look at for Tyson & Taryn. They will be trying to convince me to get a pet for their whole lives. Sorry guys ...but not really sorry :) We also spent a lot of time in Barnes & Noble. They have a large train table and legos to build with. It's also where we like to spend rainy days. 
Over the weekends we choose a day (or night) to give Hadleigh a short break from her feeding tube. This helps insure that she does not get sores from the tube rubbing on her  delicate skin. I always rejoice a little bit when the tube is out, knowing she has a little more freedom. But we are so grateful for the feeding tube and all that it has done for her. 

We could have built our own sand pit with how much sand we brought home this summer. It was in their shoes, hair, toys, clothes etc…!

This little munchkin! (Going way back to April here!)

Lots of pool time at our complex pool. 

Bathing beauties Eva, Ellie & Taryn

 A little break from the splash pad to play

 She's WAY too big for the baby swings, but when you find a park at that's all that is offered and your toddler REALLY wants to swing…well… sometimes you gotta roll with it.

Tyson taught Taryn all about the World Cup. Anytime we walked into Costco during the following weeks, if Taryn saw sports on the big screen TV's, she would go up and watch, saying, "Yeah! Go! Go! Go! Ohhhhh!!!! Wow!!!" mimicking Tyson :)

Going on a walk, Taryn brought her wagon along to collect what she saw outside. 

Hadleigh helped pack for Lake Powell

The longest time she has ever played with play dough. We had one of her friends over to play and even after he left, she was still there, intently playing. 

And some of our favorite pictures of Hadleigh. She thinks it's the greatest thing on earth to wear Tyson's glasses. The first picture was taken by our friend Chris (with Lynne in the background!) and the second one was taken by Tyson (with Taryn in  the background!)

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