Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Show me that smile!

Taryn had her first trip to the dentist and made it out cavity free! We had been talking about going to the dentist for a long time and I thought we were doing well. But when the hygienist called her name, she started crying. They even took us back to the only room with a door so as to not scare the other children with her crying. That part made me chuckle a bit. Taryn is not a clingy kid. But she would not let go of my hand the entire time. We didn't get x-rays done (maybe next time?) but she did open her mouth and the dentist was able to thoroughly check her teeth- phew! It wasn't all for nothing! Thank heavens for awesome pediatric dentists who know just who they are dealing with!

She got a pink bouncy ball and an Ariel toothbrush. That's why you see that pretty smile above. I'm glad I can rest at ease for now knowing that she is in good shape with her teeth. Hopefully we will be this lucky for a long time :)

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