Monday, September 8, 2014

A little bit of bed head and funny Taryn sayings

"Hey Mom. Do you want to take a picture of me like this?"

While making cookies for kicks, Taryn got extremely close to my face and whispered, 
"You wanna make cookies EVERY DAY?!"

Taryn saw a tree, turned around and rubbed her back against the tree.
After the tree had successfully gotten rid of her itch, she turned around and said,
"Thank you tree!" and ran off.

After trying our favorite Honey Mustard Wheat Thins,
"Mom, I just love those crackers. They're like hot sauce."

When Taryn has to go to the bathroom, she says to Tyson and me,
"I have to go privacy" (I have to have privacy)
as she shuts the door

When she was upset & crying, Taryn said,
 "Mommy, these are my tears!"

And one that melts my heart:
"I love this home, Mama."

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