Monday, July 9, 2012

The week was a blur!

At the Open House for The Smith's
Taryn wore her Thailand outfit that Grandma Smith sent to her. 
Oh the Skousons! When Sandy and Tyson get together they are hilarious. Little baby Tyson is so handsome and he & Taryn are slowly warming up to each other. This picture makes me laugh so much.

 After taking our family pictures on Sunday

This week has seriously flown by in a blink of an eye and I am exhausted. 
We had lots of family in town for the homecoming of the Smiths- many of whom I met for the first time (even after almost 3 years of marriage!)

It was wonderful to get to know family members, learn more about them and their families, and watch as everyone came together to support Mike and Janis. 

Some of my favorite moments of this week

Listening to the 27 returned Thai missionaries sing "Called to Serve" in Sacrament meeting. What a powerful spirit these missionaries brought to the meeting.

Watching Taryn and Caleb (Caleb is older by exactly 18 months) interact. They love each other and I love that Taryn has a great cousin playmate. 
Caleb walks into the house saying, "Where's my friend?" "Where's Taryn?"
Taryn runs to Caleb, arms open or lips puckered, rushing to greet him.

Watching Taryn grow before my eyes. Her word usage has sky rocketed. I love being able to understand her and help meet her needs more each day.

Tyson is the biggest help. He is always helping to clean, straighten up, and pitch in where needed. He always wants to make things look nice, especially for his parents which is so tender for me to see. He loves them so much. I appreciate all the hard work and sweat (literally!!!!!)  he has put in this week to get things done fast. I love him more every day.

Girls Lunch at Sassy's Cafe- the place was all too fitting for us :)

Swimming, cooking, playing and eating with the family

Going to the planetarium as a family for free to learn more about the Sun

and I know I am forgetting a lot

My nephew Caleb came and sat on my lap to show me his cut on his hand. He sat there until he fell asleep and then I fell asleep. He is such a sweet little boy.

Exhausted but happy :)

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  1. sandy and tyson together is always a sight to see and hear. haha.

    tayrn is so precious and beautiful.