Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fearless ducks and bike rides

Lately we have been...

Loving the cooler weather. The storm that came through the night before, that brought the lightening that filled our room, cooled everything down.  I wanted to just stay outside, it was so nice.

We buckle Taryn into her stroller early in the morning and go for family walks down the canal. We feed the fearless ducks some bread and Taryn tries to give them hugs over and over again.

 Trying to hug the ducks

Totally fearless duck. We didn't have any bread at this point, they just love people I guess. (even without food)

We pulled my bike out of storage, wiped off the dust from the recent Haboob, blew up the tires, and gave it a test run. Perfect. I am still so grateful to my parents who gave me that bike many years ago. It still looks great and rides great. Thanks Mom and Dad.

We went to see a woman about a child bike trailer and we're really happy about this purchase we made for our upcoming move. Taryn is happy about it too and wants to get in all the time. Now that we all have bikes ( or a trailer)- we are ready for D.C.!

Yesterday we all had a good nap -Taryn had 2- like normal 

Tyson, Taryn and I went swimming in the early evening before dinner. It was refreshing, fun, and I walked away saying, "Let's do that again tomorrow!" We spend lots of time pushing Taryn in the swings

I thought about my Grandma Larson a lot yesterday. July 24th (Pioneer Day) was her birthday and I couldn't help but think of the lovely memories I have of her. The bedtime stories she would tell as we slept beside her bed when she came to visit, her infectious laugh, her unforgettable voice, and listening to her tell stories about her childhood. I know the whole family thought about her.


T-minus one week until we are on the road to D.C!!!!!!


  1. Oh, we had a bike trailer and it was the best ever! It's a great purchase to take with you to D.C. How are you going to get it there?

  2. We're making the big move with a U-Haul. We'll have a truck that fits 3 and because we don't plan on being back on the West Coast for awhile (probably forever) we are taking all we own with us! We have a 5 day trip planned across country! Yeah!! We are excited for the trip!