Friday, July 13, 2012

Electrical storms, apartment hunting, and some Mexican food

At Rancho de Tia Rosa, our favorite Mexican restaurant, with Grandma and Grandpa Smith

Taryn is fighting a nasty cold around here that I hope will get better soon. Grumpy babies and little sleep can really take it's toll. But even a sad cold can't stop this girl from her constantly talking, singing and dancing all day long. 

We are neck deep in apartment hunting and scoping out the D.C./ Virgina area- we're crossing our fingers that the places we have sought out will come through! We've been searching for what seems like forever and we are exhausted. So much goes into every little decision that it can start to get overwhelming after the 100th call or email to yet another apartment/condo/house rental facility. We want to be sure that the place we are moving into is the best for us in all aspects. Within the past few days we have accelerated our search as we get closer and closer to what we want. Tyson and I have been sitting side by side, computers up, cell phones dialing, and google mapping over and over again. We hope that our efforts will be rewarded with a good apartment that serves us well.

 The cooler weather and electrical storms from the past few days have been very fun to see.  Tyson and I climbed in bed the other night, opened our blinds, and watched as the lightening struck in various places through the sky. It was absolutely beautiful. We've taken family walks after dinner the past few nights and I still can't get enough of the Arizona sky. It gets even better when you can see the thunder clouds rolling in or the dust storm on the rise.

Today we walked up and down the isles of Lee Lee's International Supermarket while my mother-in-law picked out Thai ingredients for some upcoming meals. There are some interesting ingredients from all around the world and yummy looking international foods. The only Italian item we found was a little box of tiramisu. Tyson's search for Argentinian alfajores was also dismal but it was fun nontheless to smell Durian fruit (bleh!), try to pronounce some of the foo items,  show Taryn the live tilapia, crabs, and lobsters (even though the smell made me want to pass-out)

We get to sneak in a little date on Friday and I am quite excited about it!

Happy Weekend!

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