Sunday, July 29, 2012

He's 25 now

I guess when you turn 25, it's ok to get an early nibble of birthday cake and throw an empty pack of candles over the hole hoping your wife won't notice. 
Yup- it is. 
I let it slide (this time!) because we usually do a traditional birthday breakfast where we eat cake for breakfast (and canned peaches & pears) but because church started at 8:30am we knew it just wouldn't work to do it for his 25th birthday. In the middle of the day, as the cake stared Tyson down, he said, "I like Birthday Breakfasts so much more! I don't have to wait ALL DAY LONG to FINALLY eat my cake!"
Long live Birthday Breakfasts!
For Tyson's 25th birthday we celebrated with family which was wonderful. We know that big family birthday celebrations for us will be few in the next coming years so it's great to take it all in while we can.
We ate at Chompie's (featured on Man Vs. Food) for his birthday meal the day before and all had our fill of pastrami, sauerkraut, and pickles. It was delicious and Tyson claims he could eat pastrami every day of his life and be perfectly happy. 
Tyson helped our neighbors move the day before which gave him a nice birthday bruise (that got seriously worse as the day went on) after moving a fridge on a dolly over a door lip. Ouch!

 As requested by the birthday boy, Janis made her famous egg rolls. I have heard so much about these egg rolls in our almost 3 years of marriage but didn't dare try to make them without a lesson from Janis first. I was able to watch her with every step and then roll and fry the egg rolls myself. I am slowly collecting all of Tyson's favorite "Mom" recipes so that I can recreate them for him at any time. I know I will never be able to make it exactly like "Mom" but I am sure gonna try! Janis also made Tom Kha Ghai - a traditional "Coconut soup" from Thailand- and cabbage.

Before all of the family came, we were able to enjoy another Monsoon while sitting on the front porch. It was a nice 85 degrees outside with just the start of a little rain. Taryn ran around trying to catch the rain and occasionally would hold her tongue out to try and catch it- who taught her that? It was a great relaxing time and I didn't want to go back inside again.

When Texas Sheet cake was had by all, I found Tyson here, with the kids, of course. 99% of the time I can find Tyson playing some kind of game with his nieces and nephews and having so much fun while doing it.

I've learned a lot about the Smith family since living with Tyson's parents for the past 3 weeks. I never knew there was a birthday table cloth...excuse me...THE birthday table cloth, that was used at every birthday and grew to be expected. So of course for his first birthday at home with his parents in years, I pulled out the birthday table cloth. That just might become a new birthday tradition in our family- or at least some take on it. 

Happy 25th Birthday Tyson. 
You are a wonderful husband and father! We love you!

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