Friday, August 25, 2017

We make our Dad a tie for Father's Day!

We love our Daddy!!!
We loved celebrating Tyson and all the amazing Father figures in our lives. We are blessed with the best Grandpa, brothers, brothers in law, uncles, friends and more!
The girls loved making his Father's Day tie again this year. As I stood in the kitchen and let them take over his tie creation, I could hear the girls say, "more glitter!!!! More puff balls!!! More paint!!!"
We forget every year that Tyson should tie a tie before we decorate and paint it. This tie becomes nearly impossible to tie but he still loves it!

Tyson is the favorite in the family. 
The cool head under pressure, the silly word maker, the best bed time routine man and the most loving father and husband. 

Well I had to include this little chocolate faced chica climbing barefoot in front of our church building because.... well, it's totally normal for her. 

We enjoyed a trip to Sandy Point Beach, MD on the Saturday before Father's Day. The girls love how playful Tyson is in the water with them and the games he plays. I love floating as a family and the fact that this beach has zero big crashing waves so I feel so very safe. 

Celebrating Father's Day is even better with Ribs, sweet potato mash and roasted carrots. I mean, just the very best for our man!

I'm happy to celebrate Tyson and all he does for us. We are better people because of him. We love him!

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