Monday, August 28, 2017

Every summer there's a NATS game for the Smiths

We all love going to the Washington Nationals games as a family. The girls dane to the music and try to get on the dance cam, though we sit in the near nose bleed sections so that will never be possible. But do you think I will ever tell them that?! :)

On this particular day, Haddie got a blister on her foot so in order to not further irritate the blister Haddie picked two different shoes to wear. And we rolled with it (and laughed a lot!) But she owned it. I love her sassy strong personality.... most of the time ;)
And do you see that tutu of hers? That was the way we got her to wear her NATS shirt to the game. That girl won't wear anything unless it twirls. 
Taryn is a NATS fan through and through, often picking her NATS shirts to wear during the week. I love Taryn's enthusiasm to do anything her Daddy loves. 
We took this picture on our way to the fun play structure they have at the NATS stadium for kids. It was the best way to get the wiggles out for the girls so we could make it to the bottom of the 9th, hear the "Take me out to the Ball game" song and watch the bobble head presidents run around the bases. 

Ya, Daddy is definitely the favorite <3

We received our tickets because we donated blood for a boy's Eagle Project in our ward. It was a complete surprise to us that we would be able to go that day. Thankfully, we had nothing planned and had just asked ourselves, "What will we do with the rest of our Saturday?" before walking in to donate. 
A perfect solution to that "problem" if you ask me!
The weather was fantastic for a June day in D.C.

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