Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The 1st half of our summer adventures 2017

There is so much to do in the DC Metro area and we've been super lucky to have pretty good summer weather. This last week in August feels like the middle of October- fall weather! We've been loving it!

We explored the River Farm, once owned by George Washington, with our friends who moved here just for the summer. There are many pluses to living in the DC metro area. One is that you meet so many people from all over the world. The downside is that not everyone sticks around forever. Our fun friends were only here for 6 weeks so we tried as best we could to squeeze in lots of adventures today! We miss the Robins!

I didn't teach her that pose! Hahaha!

Love her sweetness and her love for this grass bench. She gets a picture here every time. Plus, see that handbag? She's been saying, "I want to be like you mom, and carry my money around!" Well most of her money is in change so it's quite heavy!

We've been taking advantage of the most beautiful summer weather we've had for most of the summer and exploring our neighborhood. One night we decided to skip our 8pm bedtime and head to the Lincoln Memorial with the girls. 10 seconds after getting out of the car, Haddie fell hard and had a super banged up knee. She cried for most of the time but we still had fun! 
Both girls had their scooters which makes it easy to walk long distances with them. 

The sunset was amazing. Actually, this summer in particular has been amazing with the color in the sunsets and sun rises. I have loved getting the chance to view so many. Usually we are in our home for the night by 7:30pm. These nights were we stay out "late" (for us) are always special. 

With the George Washington monument in the background and the reflecting pool. 

Sunset on the Potomac plus my loves. The sounds of the waves clapping the bank was so soothing. 

I love this adventurous girl!

My crush every. single. day.

This group of ducks helped Haddie stop crying. I don't blame her, really. She had a super bad fall thanks to a protruding tree root. But we had heard her crying for 20 minutes. This was the best distraction we could think of! It worked!

See- no more tears! Parenting at it's finest. It's all about the distracting :)

Uncle Seth had a family work event and we were invited to go. the girls loved the free snow cones, cotton candy, bubbles, magic show and rubber duckies they got as prizes. 

It was a miracle that these snow cones didn't end up everywhere. I kept a hawk eye on each bite. No way was I going to have a sticky mess on my hand. 

Pink on Pink on Pink on Pink on Pink

These kids are the best bunch around. 

Our little friend Olivia had the cutest "Under the Sea" mermaid party. I made a cute little cake for the event. Danae (Oliva's mom) always comes up with the cutest themes and decor. 

Haddie was certain that because it was a birthday party, it meant it was a costume party and she needed to wear her Rapunzel dress. 

I mean, those poses just don't stop!

We've loved our summer adventures and spending time with family and friends. 

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