Tuesday, August 15, 2017

My Mother's Day 2017 in Virginia

There are a few Sundays a year where I get to have family pictures taken while in our Sunday best. Mother's Day is one of them and I love it!
Crazy faces and all :)

I loved the extra snuggles I got while Tyson was making dinner and the girls and I were watching something. I really don't sit and snuggle with them enough. Both girls love it when I just take time to "Sit." Note to self, do it more often!

Tyson takes pride in making my birthday and Mother's Day meals. He is all about attention to detail on those days because truth be told, he doesn't like cooking. But he can make the best egg salad sandwiches, silly cheese steaks and meat ball subs (I'm sure I'm forgetting some other items...) It was a yummy meal for us all. 

Chocolate chip cookies, one of my favorite treats. We haven't been making sweets for the past few months expect on special occasions. These are always the first to pop in my head when it comes time to whip up something. We're also trying to get rid of whatever is leftover so we don't eat it all!

See, I told ya, nothing like a good cookie. I must try them all! This was a lemon cookie ( so so good!) from a little bakery at City Center DC that Hilary Clinton loves. The next one was their famous chocolate chip cookie, which was meh compared to my homemade cookies. It was fun to see a new place and try some new sweets! 

The girls made these Mother's Day "cards" in Primary that day and I loved them! So to save them, I snapped a picture and I'm placing it here to remember :)

And another great thing about Mother's Day is turning it into a big weekend, making special requests for a few days. Walks. I love going on walks as a family. We go often and try to mix up where we go. This was Long Bridge park which meets Tyson's birding needs, the girls need to run everywhere and explore nature, and my need to be outside, because it feeds my soul to breathe in that fresh air and have the sun on my skin. 

It was a lovely Mother's Day and I'm thankful for my little crew!

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