Thursday, April 13, 2017

Catching up with the girls over the past few months

The roast beef mustache. 
Taryn has gotten so good at trying new things at dinner and not complaining as much about things she doesn't like. We've worked hard with the girls on giving them different foods on a weekly basis that they have to try at least once. I have to admit that sometimes there are tears, but as of recently, both girls have been able to try foods willingly and politely reply, "I don't care for that." 
It makes me so happy that we've come this far!

Joy School shapes with playdoh!
This group of kids get along so well. I really love it! They are easy to teach and super funny kids. 

I was on the news because our Elementary school sent home 80+ kids one day because of the Norovirus. I didn't want to talk and was trying to avoid them by crossing the other side of the street. Somehow they cornered me and before I knew it they were filming. Ugh. 

I was sick with said Norovirus so Tyson took the girls to our ward "Winter Ball." Tyson was sad that the girls didn't want to dance with him all night long. But the girls came home with blisters on their feet, which means they had a blast. 

This picture of Haddie painting looks so peaceful. I love it. 

Sisters explore together. They are brave together. They are also really good at teasing each other :)

This was a day of play in our basement fort with stuffed animals, fairy wings and a tea party. 

Sometimes running errands with just mama gets boring :)

My sister Brittany and I went to story time at the Library of Congress in D.C. The last time I had been was 3 years ago with Taryn. 

Haddie pulled to most grumpiest 3 year old "Mom, I don't want to take a picture" look ever. I'm glad it made me laugh so hard.

Story time was crowded but Haddie enjoyed it, especially the puppets we played with at the end. They brought out a huge stand of puppets the kids could choose from and play with. It was perfect for Haddie who is really into puppets right now.

For Taryn's 6th birthday, one of there friends gifted her an archeological digging set. In this plaster block, 5 beautiful rocks were hidden. It took Taryn (and Haddie and Tyson) the whole morning to unearth the rocks. As you can see, Taryn was covered from head to toe in dust! Good thing she was still in her jammies and that we made this an outdoors activity. She loved discovering each rock and the specials tools (like a little pick and a brush) that came with it. 

And I'll end on this donut date that Haddie and I had. Actually, I've been trying to be really good lately so I didn't even get a donut. Haddie gobbled up her pic sprinkle donut in minutes! 
That's love right there!

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