Saturday, April 15, 2017

Seeing the Cherry Blossoms as a Family 2017

For the first time in 2 years, we were able to go as a family to see the Cherry Blossoms. 
We braved the crowds and headed to the Tidal Basin. 
Luckily this year wasn't as crowded thanks to the crazy weather we've been having. With the warm temperatures super early, the blossoms were already to bloom. But then a late winter freeze came in a froze half the blossoms. It took few weeks for the blossoms to finally reach peak bloom so they weren't as bright and vibrant as years past but it was still great!

We took a picnic lunch and found a great spot under the cherry blossom trees to relax and enjoy the day. People watching is really fun on the tidal basin :) Though I have to say I was so worried one of the girls were going to fall into the Tidal Basin. They were busy making "soup" out of rocks, grass and cherry blossoms in the holes where fences usually guard around the basin. 

We had to walk far after parking our car but these girls were the best. They had their scooters and were the happiest! And the day was beautiful! 

I love this picture of TarBear and me <3

Sometimes we get crazy and head straight into traffic to see or do something fun. It has always been worth it. Even if parking always makes us tense.

Scottie', what they do best!
These scooters have been such a life saver in so many of our adventures. 

I love D.C. for it's beautiful Cherry Blossoms each year. 

The day before, I had made plans to see the cherry blossoms with Lynne. When I checked the weather that morning, I saw that there was rain, but only for a short time. I thought I would just bought it out, for what I thought would be just a sprinkle. 

It wasn't a sprinkle. It was a full on downpour. It was super cold too. 
But once we were all wet and dedicated, Lynne and I thought, "oh well!" And just kept going!

Crazy mamas (with no apostrophe!) :)

Haddie was happy and dry, that is until her feet got cold in her uninsulated rainbows during the last 5 minutes of our walk. 

Sometimes I can be stubborn and too determined to change my plans. I learned that calling it quits is ok because sometimes you can get a better view the next day!

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