Friday, April 14, 2017

Our D.C. Zoo Trip with friends

A bunch of us headed to the Zoo a few weeks back when the weather was in the upper 70's during the month of February. We wanted to take advantage of the time before tourists flood D.C. and this amazing warm winter weather. 

I've figured out the best way to do the Zoo now with a toddler and a 6 year old is scooters! The D.C. zoo sits on a gigantic hill so I always wear my workout clothes and count it as my workout for the day. I always end up sweating buckets, even in winter. Though Taryn is in school now and doesn't go to the zoo as often with us, we still take the scooter along (and stroller to carry our lunch etc..) and it works perfectly. When Haddie gets tired of walking she can scoot or ride. 

We saw lots of fun animals and loved being their with friends. 

These two are best of friends. Olivia is a sweetheart and Haddie adores her. They are always running around together, holding hands, and giggling together. It's the best! (twins?! ^^^)

One of the Panda's was out, being fed a snack through a paper bag that was tossed down into his habitat by a Zoo Worker. The kids loved watching him as he licked the ice block, trying to get at the fruit that was frozen inside. 

We were practically the only ones there watching! It was such a good day at the zoo.

I get my zoo fill with visits every few months. Taryn is still scared of the zoo since she last had her staples. I guess that's a good thing because she will never be sad when Haddie and I go during the day while she is at school.

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