Tuesday, April 25, 2017

My 29th birthday

My 29th birthday was great! I love having my birthday on March 1st. It gives me something to look forward to while we are all between winter and spring. 
Tyson is armament about me having a special birthday "cake" of some sort. In years past he has made something, I think I made my birthday cake one year, and this year we thought it would be fun to sample from special treats from Whole Foods. Tyson carefully picked out what he thought I would enjoy most (with a phone call to me while he was staring in front of the pastry case just to be sure :)

S'mores cupcake
We both thought that there was WAY to much frosting and not enough cake to balance it out but it was really fun to try. 

Tyson was brilliant and got me a selfie stick for my birthday present. Though we may all think they are a little funny, they are so practical when you are trying to take a family picture and no one else is around you. It has been great to use on our family adventures.

As a birthday present to myself, I booked 4 tickets to the Hirsshorn Museum's "infinity mirrors" exhibit. Tickets were free and had to be booked over a week in advance. It was a miracle I got tickets and apparently the week after I signed up, it became virtually impossible to get tickets. I was so thankful I had this on my radar! 
It was a wonderful birthday present to myself and Haddie was gracious enough to go along with my plans. Lynne and Carson joined too, which I was so pleased about! I got to chat with Lynne while we waited in line, double bonus! Friend time and seeing a great exhibit. 
I snuck in candy to keep the kiddos occupied and made sure my phone was fully charged (thanks to a friends recommendation who had gone a few days before me) 

It worked so well. When Haddie didn't want to sit still in the longest, hottest line ever, I gave her my phone and giving the kids a few M&M's at a time. Brilliant! 
I really love these shots I got with us all. 

We had 20 seconds (timed with a stop watch by the docent) in each room one they shut the door. It was crazy fast! 
I wish we had more time. Haddie was in awe with it all. I loved seeing her take it all in. That made it more magical for me. 

You can see in some of the pictures that we tried so hard to get photos before they opened that door but I tell you what, it was so hard! 
Lots of rooms I didn't even bother taking out my phone because I just wanted to soak it all in and enjoy it real time. 

This was my panicked/ I can't believe this face while trying to get another picture but our time had already run out. And they push you right along to the next room. 

The last room, Obliteration, was the best. You could spend all the time you wanted in there and place these colorful stickers the docents handed you anywhere you wanted. 
Haddie LOVED this part. She explored that room from head to toe. 

On the National Mall

We made it back to are parking spot in time which had me anxious. Phew! A few weeks prior I had a mommy/daughter date with Haddie and I was going to take her to a carousel. Well, after talking it up, we showed up to nothing. They had removed the carousel- what??!! Haddie handled the disappointment so well and I promised her we would get to ride a carousel soon. While finding parking on my birthday, Haddie spotted the National Mall carousel and I told her if I could find another good parking spot quickly (which is hard in the Spring tourist season) we would go. 

Luckily we found one and we got to ride the carousel. That's one happy Haddie right there! I felt like she definitely deserved a little treat since she was such a great kid in the museum exhibit. 

I loved my birthday and all the texts, calls and Facebook messages. 
The people in my life are great! 

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