Friday, March 31, 2017

Going to Great Falls, VA on a Free admissions day!

On Presidents day back in February, we went to Great Falls National Park, on the Virginia side. 
The park had free entry that day and the weather was usually warm for a winter's day so we knew we had to be outside. 

My crew

Always running, skipping, jumping that one...

I love Haddie's little leg pose. Not sure where she learned that one ;)

The views are fantastic and we get all our wiggles out. 
The girls threw rocks in the water and tried to spy the ducks along the path. We watched some kayakers for a long time in the water as they battled the current. It seemed like quite the workout to me. 

When we came home we were getting ready for Family Home Evening when I remembered that I had ordered girl scout cookies and needed to pick them up. What a perfect FHE treat! We sampled a cookie from each box (Samoa's, Thin Mints, Tagalongs and the new S'mores) We learned Tyson and Taryn don't like Samoa's or Tagalongs. Haddie and I loved them. Also, Haddie is a huge mint fan and gobbled up the Thin Mints. The S'mores cookies were good but not my favorite. I just love that they created this cookie for the 100 year anniversary of Girls Scouts, because it was at a girls scout campout that the S'mores were "invented." 

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