Monday, March 27, 2017

Harper's Ferry - Round 2

A few weeks ago we headed on a whim to Harper's Ferry with some friends. We've been before with the Haley's and loved our time there so going again was an easy YES!
I think drives are made better because of these great kids, Tyson- the ultimate navigator, and some good tunes. Don't get me wrong, the kids were definitely done sitting in the car after about 2 hours- right as we were searching for parking, but they do a great job at being awesome and entertaining themselves in the car. Snacks definitely help too. 

We park and take a shuttle down to the historic little town main road. 

The view from one of the churches on top of the hill. There are a few hikes that are too hard to do with little kids we will save for another time, just across the river. We have hiked up to Jefferson Rock in the past, just about 15 min past this point pictured here.  Definitely worth it! This time around, I think there were too many little kids (and strollers & bags) so no one was terribly interested so we didn't go. When your with fun friends it doesn't matter too much what you do because it's all fun. 

On our walk down the group spread out on this long road. I love the bricks and stones used in these buildings and how you can catch a glimpse of some windows that haven't been redone since they were built. You know, those old "coke bottle" glass looking windows where you can't get a clear picture when you look out. I love it!
We also saw old time advertisements on the sides of buildings and even on the rocks surrounding the hills/mountains. 

On the main street of Harper's Ferry. Some friends had gone into a store and we were letting the girls run around the grass area (because it really is a tiny town and the side walks are small- no room for wiggling when there are hoards of people coming up and down, trying not to get hit by the cars) Our friends came out with ice cream for us to share. It was the sweetest thing and took us by complete surprise. Good friends are always thinking of others. 

I have to say one of the best parts of day tripping with other kiddos is the candid photos you catch of them. These kids were feasting on Nerds Candies. We always stop at a Antique Candy shop and get our favorite dark chocolate covered whipped molasses- "Sponge Candy." The lady at the store gave us an extra bag for free too- I think because Tyson was raving about Sponge Candy to all our friends while in the store and she overheard. The store owner hand packaged our sponge candy so we could take some home (apparently they had just run out. ) I appreciate those Mom & Pop shops who value their costumers and take time to make sure they are happy. 

How cute is this door?!!

Another from the main street, while our group walked by the shops. We were trying to stay out of the way!

Love our family day trips. This guy really knows how to enjoy weekends!

The group tried throwing rocks into the river and the boys tried to get the rocks over the old bridge stands in the water. One of our friends informed us that throwing rocks could get us a the fun stopped after that ;)

Some casualties of the trip: 
During the last 30 minutes of our stay Hadleigh fell (which isn't unusual) and cried for the rest of the time we were waiting for Daddy to get the car. 
The boys went to walk and get the car instead of taking the shuttle. It ended up being quite the hike for them and I feel bad that there was no cell service until they had already gotten the cars so there was no way to communicate with us. We didn't mind on our side because the kids were able to run around for about an hour, soaking in the last of the sunlight and getting all their wiggles out before our drive back home. 

Ending the day at Chik-fil-A with friends after sight seeing is a great day to me! 

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