Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Taryn's 6th birthday!!!

Our Taryn turned 6 years old last week!

With Taryn turning 6 years old so close to President's Day, we decided to take advantage of the day off of school and work. Taryn's request for our family activity was to go bowling. We all love to bowl and we love that we can do the Kids Bowling Hour in Georgetown (Pinstripes) for only $12 for the whole family (including shoes!)
The girls helped each other bowl, cheered each other on, and Daddy won, like normal ;)

Afterwards we went to &Pizza. Super yummy and cheap! I was really surprised! We would love to go there again and try their unique pizzas. 

Last Wednesday was Taryn's 6th birthday. She requested a blue heart cake for her big day. Blue is her new favorite color, so blue was a common theme throughout the day. 

A present from family members! 

I noticed that the weather was going to be about 65 degrees on Taryn's birthday. Unheard of for the middle of February so we planned a last minute Park birthday, Taryn's first ever outdoor birthday party. Notice the blue cupcakes?! 

The best group of kids!

Love this girl!!! 
She has a heart of gold. 
Always caring and loving to others, a friend to everyone she meets, athletic, spunky, beautiful, sweet, super smart and happy. She is the one that gets our family laughing! 

Taryn had a good mix of church and school friends who came to play at the park with her for her birthday. I was blown away at everyone's responses to our last minute party. So many came and made time for Taryn, and brought gifts (which weren't needed but Taryn greatly appreciated them!) I was overwhelmed with gratitude for our friends who took the time to celebrate Taryn's 6th birthday. We are blessed with great friends. 

Two sisters after a day of partying! 

And to top off the day, we had Chinese food for dinner, Taryn's favorite! 

Happy 6th birthday to Taryn!

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