Monday, March 20, 2017

If you give Tyson a map.... Fort Washington and beyond!

If you give Tyson a map....

He will spend days planning out family vacations and road trips for the next year :) And I love that!

We found ourselves at Fort Washington a few weeks ago. We've seen this Fort from across the Potomac for years as we drove to one of our  LDS buildings and we finally planned an adventure to see it. 

The day was cloudy and chilly but perfect for sight seeing at this Fort. Hardly a soul was there and the girls loved running around all the open spaces. Taryn had a million questions about the cannons that were stationed there and Haddie was cautious with every step we took down the steep staircases. 

The Fort never saw a battle and was abandoned pretty quickly but it still has the best view of the Potomac River. 

We thought this would make a better prison than Armory storage. 

Serious stairs leading to creepy underground walkways. 

Here you see a handsome fellow ;) and a majority of the Fort with its cannons (now sealed) in the distant. I kid you not when I say are kids were running EVERYWHERE!

We saw multiple Eagles and this beautiful Hawk that decided to follow us on our walk around the Fort. We were able to get so close to him. There was a "birder" out with his binoculars and he showed us the Eagles nest near by. 

Tyson was excited to share this lighthouse with his brother Travis who "collects" lighthouses. 

I love the team work that came from trying to get a National Parks stamp from these girls. 

Haddie from across the Fort: 
"Tare-wren! You come hold my hand?"
Taryn: "Sure! I'm coming!"

Taryn ran down the hill and across to her sister to help her off a little hill so they could explore together. My mama heart was so proud and happy :)

When we returned home, we had mail from our favorite "Greek" puppy, Bella. Well, she's not really Greek but Bella lives there with her family (Phil Babits and Jane Lloyd with their son James.) Tyson and Taryn hunted for "Bella banana" on their family blog and won! We adore Bella (and her family.) Taryn asks us when they are coming back all the time. We love getting Bella mail! 

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