Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Valentine's Day with my Sweeties 2017

I'm trying to be better at planning ahead for holidays, even the "little" ones. So I planned a fun breakfast for Valentine's Day- whole wheat pancakes (because Tyson and I are doing a health challenge) a strawberry banana smoothie and eggs. I even decorated the table the night before. 
Tyson bought flowers for all of us girlies the night before so we could use them on Valentine's Day ( I love that he did that!) and also gave the girls cute little M&M Valentine containers (the brown bears on the girls place settings) For a family home evening treat that night (Monday), he brought home Krispy Kreme Valentine donuts, which is quickly becoming a tradition as well, since Tyson works across the street from one -we try to keep a balance for the health challenge ;)

In the picture above, Taryn is doing the biggest fake smile she could. She was in tears all durning breakfast because she said the whole wheat pancakes "didn't taste right!" She toughed it out and ate a whole pancake, hating it the whole time. We can laugh about it now but it was a rough go on a holiday morning. No matter what type of whole wheat pancakes I make, the girls hate them. Not one can convince me that there is a good whole pancake out there. They all taste bad compared to the fluffy buttermilk pancakes. 

Taryn and Haddie stayed up an hour past there bedtime to make Valentine's for their friends. The next morning they were excited to dress in pinks, reds, white, and purples for the day. 

At Taryn's school, the Kindergarteners get a special "Sweetheart Lunch" where the parents come in and eat lunch with their child. It was super fun to interact with Taryn's friends. I tried to pack as much  heart shaped items or red foods I could (strawberries cut to look like hearts, cucumbers cut as hearts, heart sandwich, pink heart candies, and hearts drawn on her cheese stick wrapper, with a love note  on the top of it all.) She loved it and we had a lot of fun visiting with her. 

Grandma/Grandpa Smith sent homemade Valentine cards and Grandma/Grandpa Scott sent a bag of chocolate Dove heart candies and cartoon Valentines (Strawberry Shortcake, Kung-Fu Panda and Care Bears)
The girls loved getting mail and they had a blast all day long (except for the whole wheat pancakes ;)

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