Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Gravelly Point family picnic

We enjoyed going to Gravelly Point a few weeks back when there was a break from all that rain we got! We learned that we can't fly kites at Gravelly point (for good reason!) so we stayed just long enough to run around and eat our lunches. 

I told Taryn that this was the best spot to practice her cartwheels! She is getting so good at them!

Playing frisbee!

The girls watched the airplanes come in for a bit like this. Haddie wanted a hat on so she could cover her eyes from the sun and use her little hands to cover her ears. Those planes get so loud! The last time we were here was when Taryn was Haddie's age and I was pregnant with Haddie. So crazy to think about how our family has grown since then!

After our picnic we headed to Haines Point to fly kites. Taryn's R2D2 kite she picked out was a dud and kept dive bombing and crashing. There were lots of tears on her part. But Haddie's butterfly kite had a great time soaring in the air for a really long time. Haddie wasn't too interested in flying the kite, but more interested in playing at the park across the street. It didn't take long for Tyson and I to give up trying to teach the girls how to fly kites when they were both in tears, walking away from us and towards the park. Oh well, you win some and loose some!
(But Tyson loved flying the kite!)

It was a super beautiful day and I'm glad we got out and played in the sun shine because 15 days of rain about did us all in!

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