Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Our spring visit to Huntley Meadows

It's our family goal to complete our seasons at Huntley Meadows. A few months back we checked Spring off our list! Plants were just coming back to life and there were many animals out and about. 
Lots of Canadian geese, turtles, tad poles, super large toads, and a muskrat! We thought the muskrat was a beaver for the longest time while we were observing him eating until we saw his tail. 

In the nature center, they had an old beaver's tail the girls could feel, snake skin, and see pictures of the various birds they could see at Huntley Meadows. I love how the girls have really taken to bird watching. 
During the day, they point out every cardinal, blue jay and robin that they see then ask if I can tell Tyson about it (or take a picture of it.)  :)

On this trip we took our binoculars and the girls took turns with Tyson trying to see the wildlife around us. I really enjoy these simple walks we take as a family. Also, I love how close we are to so many wonderful outdoor adventures! 

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