Sunday, June 12, 2016

Quotes and fun times from our girly girls in the last few months

Caddie's new big girl bed! An easy transition for her = happy parents! 

Haddie is all about dresses! And when we happen to stop by Wal Mart which is a 20 minute drive, we make the best of our time there and search through the dresses that are $3 or under. Haddie was so excited she couldn't wait until we got home to put on one of them. She's only worn pants maybe 5 times in the past 5 months! 

We joined our friends the Williams at Krispy Kreme on Super hero day, BOGO. The girls love any excuse 
 to eat donuts and they love their super hero capes! It's probably the best $20 we've spent ;)

Haddie: "Tawren, I wav you!"
Taryn: "I love you too, Haddie"

Melt my heart!

I heard Haddie scream from the other room. "What's going on girls?" Taryn: "I'm putting fairy dust on Haddie!"

"My bum is big!" When we put a Pull-Up on Haddie for babysitting. She hated it.

I know- a bunch of dirty shoes on the girls (and me) but I do have to say that this activity stopped  a night fall of meltdowns before Tyson got home. We just made sure to give them really good baths! 

Snuggles with Haddie. Often times she asks me to sit by her or "Snuggle me, mama" I can't ever resist! 

One of Haddie's favorite phrases is " What's the secret password?" The answer is almost always, "Monkey Chicken Waffle Beans!" a family inside joke. 

Stake Conference is better when you can sit next to cousins! :) Although Braden doesn't look like he is enjoying it, he loves playing with Taryn & Haddie.

Taryn has become our caterpillar lover! She hunts for them while we are outside at parks and lets them crawl all over her. And of course, she names them too!

After gymnastics one day, these crazy kids found a giant puddle and of course had to jump all over in it! 

Haddie found my makeup and her favorite thing to use is my mascara, which of course is the hardest to get off! But, she wore it well :) Silly faces were all her own doing!

Taryn: "I'm going on an adventure! 
Haddie: "I want to go on your 'abbenture!'
Taryn: "No, you can't come."
Mama: "You can come on my adventure!"
Haddie: "No, you too big."

Dressing in the same pretty pink dress for church on a random Sunday with her friend, Eva! Such sweet girls!

This picture is all about Summer. Bare feet, little curls sticking out of her baseball cap, and snacks in hand on a perfect day. 

Just what rainbows were made for!

Haddie is all about choosing what she will wear for the day. That day pictured above, Haddie chose her bathing suit and rainbows, of course! <3

We enjoyed a perfect Zoo day together (and I promise Taryn had fun, she just didn't want to smile for the photo) Minutes after this photo was taken, Taryn fell backwards and had to get staples in the back of her head. 

But staples won't get her down! 
She was playing just like normal a few days after. 

Taryn and Haddie love their new camping chairs. They were so excited to test them out! We're hoping to go camping soon. 

I turn my back for a few seconds and the girls are COVERED! with blue finger paints. It never came out of Haddie's dress (which I had gotten for free so not a big loss) but at least they had fun :)

On Memorial Day we went to a fun BBQ and enjoyed corn hole and yummy burgers. The girls drank their "spicy" drinks and meeting new friends. 

Some of our friends from preschool invited us to a story time at Hooray for Books. It was a great reading and I felt like we were in a scene straight out of "You've Got Mail" when Meg Ryan reads to the kids. It was so fun and cute. 

After the book reading, we ventured down Old Town Alexandria and stopped at a Whole Foods grocery store nearby to grab some cheese, bread and Pirates Booty for a little lunch by a nearby fountain. The girls loved it and I hoped that they would remember days like this that we got to spend together, doing something a little different. I love Taryn and Haddie so much. They bring so much life into our daily adventures. And I love that they are holding hands! <3

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