Monday, June 13, 2016

Empanada Date night

Date nights are my favorite nights! Tyson has so many wonderful eateries by his work so he makes it a point to try them out and if they are good enough, they make the cut for date night. We arranged a family babysitting swap and I drove into D.C. to get Tyson from work. 
This time, our date was to a tiny "hole in the wall" eatery called Pana's Empanadas. 
Pana's was delicious and I would totally go back for more. Each empanada had it's special initials put into the dough when it was pressed so you would know exactly what you are eating. 

We chose to get the Boat of empanadas which gave each of us 4 to eat. It also came with four dipping sauces that varied in spice factor and the most yummiest plantain chips. The fruit juices were great too! 

Since way back when during our dating months, we've loved experimenting with different foods. Plus, getting to spend quality time with Tyson while eating delicious food is probably one of my favorite past times ever! :)

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