Sunday, May 22, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Mother's Day weekend was just great! We enjoyed a relaxing day together, got outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather, and Tyson cooked a super yummy dinner! 
The girls made the sweetest Mother's Day gifts- a homemade necklace from Taryn (pictured above) which I wore all weekend long, cute paper Flowers made from Taryn's hands, an adorable heart shaped hand tracing of Haddie's hands from Nursery, a cute new shirt from Tyson and lots of love. I went to Taryn's Mother's Day brunch and got super emotional when Taryn was singing the cute songs and when she explained each bead on the necklace she gave me and why she chose the stickers on the envelope. It was the sweetest! Haddie was loving all the dancing and singing so she joined in too! 

Preschool Mother's Day performance. I promise Taryn was super happy I was there! :)

And these bloopers because sometimes it's super hard to get everyone looking at the camera without a silly face- but those silly faces are the best!!! I almost like these better than the original picture at the top of this post. 

We went for a walk around Roosevelt Island on such a perfect day. The weather was cool and the sun poked out from behind the clouds and made for a glorious day.  

Over looking the Potomac Rive and Georgetown University in the background, or Hogwarts as we call it! 

We found a new path we'd never taken before and enjoyed seeing many birds, a baby rabbit, frogs, bugs, fish etc.... Being outside in such a gorgeous place really makes us happy. We love living here! 

I am very grateful for my opportunity to be a mom. It's the hardest thing I've ever done but it's also been the most rewarding. I love our two precious girls and their individual personalities. I strive to be better for them as they inspire me daily. I'm thankful for my mom who taught me so much ad loved me and for my mother-in-law who raised a wonderful man. We are blessed to know so many wonderful women in our lives and there are several whom I look up to every day.

I love these sweet memories we get to create with our families and how we can take the time to celebrate moms everywhere. 

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