Friday, May 27, 2016

Daddy daughter dates!

Crazy haired girls! The girls and Tyson had an early start to their Saturday a few weeks back in order to fit everything into their day together. 
First stop- Target. Tyson needed to run and errand there and it just happened that they were doing a special coloring event for kids that morning. The girls got to color, they were given snacks, and stickers!

After some park adventures, they stopped for ice cream at McDonald's and those girls were super happy! Tyson reported that it was a busy day but the girls were awesome and had a lot of fun.

Tyson is in charge of bed time so I can get to work at night. He has them in such a great routine!  He's made it easy for me to jump in on days when I'm home and the girls love getting time with Tyson at the end of his work day. Sometimes I get these cute photos via text after I get to work :)

Last weekend, Tyson took the girls on the Metro and they were in HEAVEN!!!!!! There was no big destination at the end, just being in D.C., eating their lunches at the Hirschhorn Gallery, and then a ride on the carousel! 

Lunchables for lunch! I remember having a love for lunchables too at their age. It's a "special" treat for the girls which is a nice way to not have them around too much. 

So excited for a ride! With all the rain we've had (15 days straight!!!!!) we are happy to squeeze in all the outdoors fun we can while the rain is on pause!

I love that Haddie walks around saying, "...on a daddy- daw-ter date!" and Taryn will come home and say, "This was the best day ever!" 

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