Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Fun around with the Smiths in the last few weeks

Taryn is convinced that Saturdays were made for donuts. So every once and awhile, we go with it :)
Duck donuts!! Hot a fresh and SO YUMMY!

That pose again! Haddie is in a huge dress phase and will sometimes wear the same dress 2-3 times a week, or changes the dress she is wearing 2-3 times (much to my dismay and discouragement, but hey, sometimes I have to pick my battles) The dress must twirl. It just has to!

Tyson is apart of our ward soccer team. Yay!

We ate brunch at our friends house before General Conference and she had a Snow White dress that I tried on to show the girls. Haddie was in love!

One of the things I LOVE about D.C. is how many young professionals there are. They dress very well and thankfully, they like to switch up their wardrobes a lot! Every so often there is a free clothing exchange where I go on my own little shopping spree. That cardigan and button up shirt are from the exchange and I love them! It's like having a personal shopper pick out things in your size that you might not choose yourself (Like Stitch Fix) but without paying for it. 
The necklace was a birthday gift from my sister who found it at a steal of a deal at New York Co. 
I'm trying to get better at gradually updating my wardrobe, accessorizing, and doing my hair more often. I'm getting better!

Haddie and Taryn love playing at the parks with friends and thankfully we live in an area with fantastic parks everywhere and friends who are willing to meet up and play!

During one of our crafts, Taryn decided to to create her own! 

Never leave a sleeping toddler along with Daddy ;)

I found this photo Haddie took of Taryn on my phone. I'm sad it's blurry but you can still tell how gorgeous Taryn is. 

And this is the one I found that Taryn took of Haddie. Just relaxin' 

And the one Taryn took of me as I was hard at work going over our budget. I was super focused I guess. 

Their imaginations run wild! They decided that their animals had surgery and needed cones, or "Cones of shame" as we all them thanks to the movie, "Up"

After baths, Taryn pulled out this book and started "reading" it to her. we've been working on her phonics, letters and reading so I'm happy to see her put it to practice (even just a bit!)

Another beautiful day at the park with friends!

Our saturdays sometimes take us to areas of the DC Metro Area that we've never been . When we spot an amazing park, it's just top hard to pass it up! This one was really fun and interesting!

Taryn, who seems like such a big girl here, doing her daily letter and writing practice. 

Face timing with baby Margot and my sister Mackenzie! Always fun!

We were at story time and it took Haddie a bit of time to warm up to so many kids all around her. So I tried to get her warmed up by taking pictures....not sure it worked though. Eventually she was dancing to the songs with the rest of the kids!

We discovered this free soft play room above Taryn's preschool so now we are extra motivated to drop off Taryn early so we have more time to play here. 

Lover of the swings!

We received this book in the mail one day and had to do some detective work to figure out it was from a friend whom we refer to as our "Birder expert." Such kind surprise that we are in love with. 

So a word of caution: 
If your friends move in and out frequently and are always offering food and housewares up for grabs, be sure to read the food labels BEFORE using them. I thought I grabbed a bag of powdered sugar. Oh nope, I didn't. It was a bag of corn starch! As soon as I put it in my Peanut butter frosting (making a birthday cake for friends) I knew it didn't look right. Thankfully, I was able to scoop it all out and thankfully I had enough powdered sugar on hand to complete the recipe! 
That was a close one!

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