Saturday, May 7, 2016

Finally visiting the Renwick Gallery! My goal for the spring

"Nests" made out of twigs and small branches intwined together. There was an entire room filled with about 15 nests you could walk in and out of. 

The Renwick Gallery "Wonder" exhibit in D.C. was amazing! I had been talking about it for months but we could never make it work with our weekend schedules to go as a family. Tyson always likes to experience new things as big as this with us so we really wanted to wait for the perfect weekend. We wanted to make sure we had enough time to fully enjoy the whole exhibit because we had heard so many wonderful things about it. 
A perfect rainy Saturday came along! We watched Tyson play soccer in the morning and right as he finished, the rain started pouring down. We quickly headed to the museum despite the rain, knowing that there would be shorter lines. We were right! We've heard people waiting for an hour or more just to get into the building, and we walked right in! 

"The Rainbow Room" was made of different colored strings tied down to look like a rainbow as the lights reflected off of it. This was my favorite room. Beautiful!

Every room was filled with something different and awe-inspiring.  
 The girls loved it! When you can get kids to say, "WOW!" you know it's incredible. I love sharing art with the girls and letting them experience different mediums of it.

This room was made with index cards, toothpicks, paper clips and some other regular house hold items. It was like walking into a room of mini mountain replicas. You could almost get lost in there! I loved standing super close to this exhibit and wondering how long it took to put together and how they would think of this idea. 

Tyson calls this Haddie's "pensive" look

^^Her new favorite photo pose^^
(I texted this picture to Grandma and told her that Haddie says, "Sa wa dii kha," or "Hello" in Thai)

So many cards!

This "waiting" room was filled with fish netting and the lights all around the room would change color gradually, making another rainbow experience. We had to wait in a line for about 30 minutes to get to the second floor exhibit. The line went fast especially because the girls had a big open space to run in while Tyson held our spot in line. I told another mom watching her kids run around that the Exhibit Manager really did a great job at planning out this waiting line in such a big room because it allowed the kids to get their wiggles out mi-muesum visit (super helpful when you aren't allowed to touch anything until the Smithsonian museums)

Tyson hates "feet" pictures so when he suggested it I laughed at him. So he flipped the camera around and got a "head" shot too :)

So much open space for the girls to run around! Each girls at some point of our waiting took to laying on the floor to gaze at the fish netting.

Thanks to the kind couple behind us we were able to get this family picture! This room was filled with a casting of a really tree that was made of repurposed tree bark. It was beautiful. The artist had help from hundreds of volunteers to put it together. Once the exhibit is finished, this "tree" will be left on the forest ground to decompose. 

The Rivers room, showing the path of rivers. All these marbles were glued to the floor and wall. I'm not even a child anymore (ok, maybe at heart) but I wanted to pick up one of those marbles! 

All these shapes are made out of bugs. And so is the pink color on the wall. Isn't that incredible!?!

In the middle of the bug room, there was a "cabinet" of sorts with many drawers open, showing different bugs in an almost fairy like mini room. 

The last exhibit was constructed out of old tires and was maze like. The whole room smelled like a tire shop!

This beautiful exhibit has so much history. Tyson and I both learned new facts about it throughout our visit and we just consider ourselves lucky that this gallery wasn't torn down years ago, as was the plan. Thanks, Jackie Kennedy, for stopping the demolition of this beautiful building (The America "louvre" as it was known by in the back of the day) so we could enjoy such a fun exhibit as a family. 

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