Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Nats Game with Daddy

I can't believe I missed these pictures from WAY back in September. But then I remembered that at the same time these pictures were taken, we hosted a big family group at our house and filled our Labor Day weekend with lots of fun. So I think these must have fallen through the cracks but they are too good not to share! I just love these two!

Tyson donates blood frequently and when he does it at the Nats Stadium, he gets 2 free tickets to a Nats game and gets to pick from a few dates of when to attend. We were so so so excited for a free date night. But plans quickly changed with family coming into town and us having a mandatory preschool meeting that night we had tickets for. So we opted for Tyson to have a Daddy daughter date with Taryn. 

Can you tell how excited she was?!!! And in their matching Nats shirts too!!!

So remember, this is WAY back in September so it was HOT! Tyson and Taryn got lemonades and Taryn reported that it was delicious! 

These little daddy daughter dates are always so cute and fun. It makes me happy when Taryn suggests them often ;)

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