Monday, December 14, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015 with the Haley's

This was one of the yummiest Thanksgiving dinners ever! We told the Haley's that they did a great job at picking the guests who could really cook! This is a picture of Tyson's plate and mine was just as full and delicious. The day was just fantastic. 

Tuesday before Thanskgiving
I spent Tuesday running to 4 different stores for grocery shopping, going to gymnastics, and locking my keys in my truck. Ya- that was a special moment. Thankfully I have amazing friends who ALWAYS save the day for me. Im grateful that Taryn takes gymnastics with her little friend Ethan because I was able to use his wonderful mama's car (thank you SO MUCH Lindsey!) and drive it all the way to Dupout Circle (20 min away) to pick up our 2nd set of house/car keys from Tyson at work. Luckily it all worked out that I just missed her gymnastics class and met them at the park across the street 10 minutes after it ended. That meant I could pick up right where I left off and continue on our busy shopping day. I felt like such a crazy person but thankfully I was really calm about the whole situation and I can't tell you how thankful I am for Lindsey (and ALL my friends) who constantly save the day for me and my kiddos. (like- fruit snacks, magic clip princesses etc…just to name a few)

It was my last night of work for the week and we baked so many pies! Pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin! A Lots of apple too and a few cakes as well. I always feel so accomplished when by the end of the night, I can see all the work we've done. The fruits of our labor : 

Wednesday before Thanksgiving

This was my personal baking/ cooking day. As you can tell, I can't turn my back and focus on another dish for a second! There is always a "helping hand" not far from my mise en place. The girls really do love to help so we had a fun time (and a little bit of stress) figuring out what they could do to help. I love explaining the process of cooking/baking to them with every recipe. 

I sent this photo to my siblings after they sent out their "Thanksgiving Day" festivities. There wasn't a shooting range for us or breakfast burritos but there was a lot of great food and wonderful friends and LOTS of fun!

The kids table. Oh how I love the kids table. 

The best cooking crew ever. 

And the best Turkey hunters ever. Chris & Billy set up a Turkey hunt around the house. The kids shot nerd guns at the paper turkeys and found eggs with candy hidden inside. It was the best activity to do right after dinner. It got all of us out and walking around, making tons of room for pie!!! It was such a cute idea!

The weather was fantastic and the fall colors were still around. 
Thanks Lynne and Chris for hosting a wonderful Thanksgiving. They heard we had changed our plans last minute and insisted we join them. I'm so glad I smashed down my feelings of being a burden and just said yes (after a lot of convincing from Lynne & Tyson) because it was so much. I knew it would be but I am always worried about being a burden. This isn't the first Thanksgiving where are plans altered last minute and we joined someone else's Thanksgiving. We're grateful for amazing people who are happy to take us in last minute :) 

Friday after Thanksgiving

We took the girls to see "The Good Dinosaur." If any of you have seen Taryn in person, you know that the character Spot was surely modeled after Taryn. It wasn't our favorite movie ever but Spot reminded us so much of Taryn! We're glad we saw it and so was Taryn. 

Haddie was asking every day during the week of Thanksgiving if it was time for "Tismas tee whites?" When we told her on Friday morning that we were going to put up our Christmas decorations and the tree at night, she got so excited and said, "Tismas tee whites, TODAY?!" Then she would jump all of 1 inch off the ground over and over and say "yay!" Haddie loves Christmas lights and points them out every time we drive at night. I love her little jump that she does to show her excitement 

The Fall colors have almost completely disappeared so when I saw these beautiful trees on my run I wanted to take it all in for probably the last time this Fall. 

Saturday after Thanksgiving

We saw the Old Town Alexandria's Christmas tree and walked around window shopping. Old Town is such a fun place even though it gets pretty crowded. 

We ended our night in Old Town with sharing some Pops Old Fashioned ice cream. 
Thanksgiving weekend went by so quickly but it was so great. I loved that Tyson had Friday off so we could do more together as a family. 
We're very grateful for family and friends who make celebrating holidays even better. 

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