Friday, December 18, 2015

Helping Hands in the kitchen

I was preparing rolls of Thanksgiving and the girls were eager to jump in and help. They "punched" the dough and used the roller to help shape the dough before cutting out the rolls. They were so delicate with the rolls and how they placed them on the baking sheet. Sometimes (always?) having help in the kitchen is stressful to me but I have to swollen my desire for perfection and swiftness and just let them learn and have fun. It's really fun to relax, give a few tips as the go, and watch them experience something that I love so very much.

I've been focused on their tiny hands lately. I've watch those chubby little fingers grab food, play with toys, read books and wrap themselves around my fingers. I know my girls won't stay little for long so I'm trying very hard to take mental pictures of this beautiful stage of life. I love watching Haddie try to hold multiple items in her hands. I want to jump in and help her juggle them but at the same time, I want to stand back because I am always amazed at how bright she is and the ways she thinks to redistribute the items to fit in her arms. Taryn has so much strength in her little hands. I love watching her grasp the bars at the park and then hang her body from them. And watching her grip the swings, preparing to jump off mid air. I'm amazed at what our bodies are capable of.

Taryn will often ask me questions like, "Mom, why did Jesus give us hands?" The explanation can be simple and followed by lots of "but why?" questions on her side. But it makes me think of the little things more, what seems to be common place for us but isn't for many. Just like the little Sunbeam/Nursery lessons, "I'm grateful for my hands" and for my body that is capable of so much. When I focus on the little aspects of life, it helps me to remember, almost pause time, and take in a greater gratitude for what we do have.

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