Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Taking care of their little cousins

I have loved watching Taryn & Hadleigh love on their little coins these past 5 months. They want to make sure they have their bottles when they cry and Haddie is obsessed with making sure they have their pacifiers too. 
Taryn is quick to tell me or my sister Brittany that the babies are sticky or they spit up. she is very attentive. 
Taryn is also the best at making Braden and Cora laugh now that they are older. It's pretty hilarious to see what a big kick Taryn gets out of hearing them giggle or putting a funny hat on them. 
These are pictures from when they were newborns to just a few weeks ago.

Two "babies"

This picture was taken just a few weeks ago, when Braden & Cora were about 4.5 months old. I know Cora doesn't look happy but she was a little sick and grumpy. I promise they love all the attention their cousins give them!

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