Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Frozen yogurt family date and 70 degrees in December?!!!

Because this past week it has been 70 degrees for multiple days, I wore shorts & sandals , and Christmas is next week, I thought it was appropriate to post about our Frozen yogurt family date a few months ago. when the weather is that awesome/weird, it has to be noted and I'm not going to be sad about missing out on a White Christmas. This just brings back memories of years in California & Arizona. 

While on our family date, Tyson asked us all to make silly faces for some pictures. I like his the best at the end. 

Long live the warm weather that makes it easy for me to get the girls outside (they're pretty happy we don't make them wear jackets right now) and al that Vitamin D that my skin is still loving, even in the middle of December. 

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