Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Little family weekend adventure

Oh Georgetown, you are so stinkin' pretty.
We explored this place for the first time as a family a few weekends ago. It was a gorgeous day and we had a great time wandering up and down the crowded streets. I can't even tell you how long the line for Georgetown Cupcakes was- which we did NOT wait in. It made me happy I had already tried them while at a baby shower last year and I told Tyson that if we ever got a craving for cupcakes in Georgetown, we will be sure it's on a Monday morning when no one is around.  They are good cupcakes but I wasn't about to wait in line for hours (seriously the line was ginormous!!!)
Georgetown is really beautiful and reminded me a bit of San Francisco.
My favorite part of all?
While Taryn and I got our feet wet in the spray from the splash fountains, Tyson called to me and told me to bring Taryn over, FAST! He had ventured just a few feet away to a stadium style drop off that led you right to the Potomac River where you could conveniently plant your little toesies in the water. Of course, for Taryn, there happened to be a billion ducks swimming within inches of the last step. It's safe to say we could have spent all day there. And of course she plopped herself down in the water a few times
*note the wet bum in the pictures above prior to us just giving up and taking her pants off- letting her be in just a diaper*
This was one of those family dates that just happened because we wanted to take advantage of the wonderful weather. Things fell into place nicely and the day did not disappoint. 

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