Thursday, September 5, 2013

Argentine Facturas and Carousel rides

How has it almost been a week already since our nice long holiday weekend?!!

Saturday we started the morning off with cleaning our church building. It may not look big, and the stake center I grew up going to is double (if not triple) it's size- but it's still really big compared to the normal LDS meeting houses. With amazing help from volunteers, we got the cleaning done in one hour!!!!! What? A new record for sure!!!!

From Tango in Alexandria. 
The establishment is unassuming, but spot on with what the real stuff is like in Argentina (so I'm told.)

We celebrated the long weekend and many other happy things in our lives with Argentine facturas (pastries). 
So delicious. 
Tyson was in heaven for sure and I would be happy to return again....for his sake of course :)

We braved some craziness at an Outlet mall to get in on the sales for Tyson's work wardrobe. 
I was quickly reminded that I am very pregnant, we have a toddler, and that avoiding places like this on major sales days with the two above mentioned people is best. Taryn really had no problem with any of the shopping because we made sure to give her "toddler time." 

Which meant a few awesome rides (some moving, some not) on the various mini carousel rides in between stores. I was super proud of Taryn.  I however felt like I was beginning to meltdown after reaching the end of the indoor mall where apparently the air conditioning wasn't working after having been walking around for a few hours. It's moments like this where I realize that if any of us take another step (me), it might mean big meltdowns across the board (or just me). Luckily we were all done at that point so we wrapped up our semi productive shopping. 

Monday was hotter than we expected but we still enjoyed Clemyjontri Park in McLean together. We've been talking to Taryn for months about "riding a horsey!" and she often reminded us about what we had promised her. So to the horses we went! 

Picnic Lunch

 (wow- check out our matching red hot faces. Good thing the carousel was covered!)

She loved all three rides so much!! It's always great to see someone enjoy an activity so throughly. 

And to top off our Saturday and Monday, we got our last fills of the Spray grounds while playing with friends. 
The weekend went by too fast but we loved it while it lasted. 

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