Monday, September 23, 2013

Celebrating little she

Amanda, me, Liz, and Lynne

I know some pretty amazing ladies and I am so glad that I've been able to get to know all of them better over the past year of living here.  Mandy put on a baby shower for our expected little one with many helping to contribute to the fun! I felt so loved (and so did the babe!) 

Shelley, Ali, Melissa (with Ali's babe- Finn)

My sister, Brittany, was there to celebrate too! 
 So glad she lives so close! 

The cute yummy Thank You take aways that Mandy made. I told her I am going to use "little she" from now on. Too cute!

Michelle, Ruth, Michelle, Amanda, Melissa, Shelley, Lynne
Brittany, me, Janelle, Ali, and Mandy

These ladies helped me prepare to have a winter baby! Taryn was born in February- in Arizona- and that definitely does not count as winter compared to snow and freezing temperatures here in Virginia. I'm hoping it won't be a very cold winter but if it is, our babe will be toasty and warm!

Mandy put together these adorable mobiles of Tys, Taryn & I each as babies & toddlers and baby #2's ultrasounds and included which state we were born in. It's pretty fun that everyone in our little family will be born in a different state. 

 Amanda and I


Michelle (and her babe Ezra) & I


And a belly shot. I have not done well at updating with these shots but I don't think I did it well with Taryn either. Here is the end of 36 weeks. As of today, I am now 38 weeks!

Thank you to everyone who made it such a beautiful fun shower! I had so much fun with you all. 

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