Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Finally Ready

Today I saw many pictures of sweet newborns who have come into this world recently
Some belong to childhood/high school friends adding to their families
Some are related to friends from college
On Sunday I was surrounded by sweet newborns at a gathering for our friends.

My heart fills with joy to say that I finally feel ready. Ready to meet this little girl. Ready to take on being a mother of two, even though I know I won't have a clue as to what to do. My eyes filled with tears of excitement thinking about her arrival which is coming a long way from the fears I have been feeling for so long about being a mother of two (TWO?!!)

I cried while talking with my mom on the phone just yesterday. 
The morning started out picture perfect for our little family. But as the day went on, I let little frustrations enter into our life. I got upset with Taryn. Within seconds of looking at her sweet innocent face I felt guilt for everything. I wrapped my arms around her and apologized.
 I told my mom that this whole Mothering thing is really really hard. 
I love it, every second. 
It has changed me for the better. 
I have the choice of how to handle every situation and I am trying to be better at filling those moments with hugs, laughter, and smiles and quick forgiveness. 
Taryn is my little sunshine who is my constant reminder that life is so sweet and at times so simple. She has taught me that when things get frustrating, a hug & a tiny kiss can make everything melt away into insignificance.

In honor of baby #2 coming in less than 3 weeks I thought I would post some of our family baby pictures.

 Baby #2 (looks just like Taryn did as a newborn babe)

Taryn - 6 months old

Tyson- 3 months old

Brianna- maybe 7 months old

Taryn - almost 2 years old

Tyson- 2 years old

Brianna- 3 years old

* Oh my goodness! We had no idea how much Taryn takes after Tyson until looking at these photos recently (mainly the toddler pictures). Looks like she has more Smith in her than we thought!!! Taryn still has my curls though :)

*Whitney- these pictures are in response to your request for baby photos :)


  1. Thank you thank you thank you! I am so excited to see this new little one. You are a great mom so try not to forget it. :)Hopefully the next few weeks will be fantastic. Talk to you soon.

  2. Wow! I had no idea either how much she looks like Tyson! Hope the end of your pregnancy goes well! Try to enjoy it!