Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Those perfect summer nights

Saturday was one of those days I would put down as "practically perfect." 
Although things didn't go as originally planned, we still had a wonderful day.

Tyson had gone for a run in the neighborhood and spotted a yard sale- complete with a art stand (whiteboard/chalk board) at a great price- just calling Taryn's name. So we stopped by on our way to pick up our pizza--- funds going to help the youth of our church attend camps this summer.

After eating lunch ( Lil' T & B's favorite- yum-pizza!) Tyson headed to the library to work on his thesis (yeah for being almost done!) while Taryn napped and I caught up on house cleaning....and a nap too :)

With the heat/humidity rising, the spray park was once again calling our names. So we met Tyson (after the library closed at 5pm) at the spray park where we played for hours, ran into lots of friends (unplanned get-togethers can be some of the best!) and came home right before the sun started to set at 8pm.

We ate a quick late dinner of BLT's, chips, and grapes- the quintessential summer meal as Tyson called it-  and took a trip outside to see the fireflies dance above the grass and in the garden's flowers.

Little "Curly Sue"

(This & the one above- from a few days before, taken by me and Lynne)

 I hope we can have more of these productive & fun summer days. Maybe a little bit of ice cream thrown in next time too? :)

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