Thursday, June 27, 2013


These four kiddos are so much fun. And I had the privilege of teaching them through a PreSchool co-op. with some friends. When we moved here I knew something like this would be perfect for Taryn but I thought I would hold off until she was 3, plus- pretty much all the kids her age were already in a preschool group so I knew we would have to wait for some kind of opening. Well, where we live, we have families moving in and out of the area as part of the State Department or other agencies/businesses. Most are here for about 3-6 months for training in Washington D.C. (language or technical) before they are posted abroad/ state wide. So (lucky for me!) we had some new families move in, some kids become older, and other kids become available and we were set! 

My first preschool I taught was a lot harder than I had expected. It was fun, yes, but draining too. I gained a whole new respect for K-6 grade teachers. I don't know how they do it every day.  I turned to experienced family members and friends for advice, teaching tips, and teaching materials. I'm still learning a lot, especially from those awesome moms in the group who come up with the cute, creative, and smart ideas to teach these kiddos. 

Some pictures from their last PreSchool day together 

Oh, my! You kids are hilarious!

We love to ask Taryn questions about her day at preschool. Sometimes she tells us about songs they sang, snacks they ate, animals they learned about, or the letter of the day. 
Now Taryn points out objects and says "_________ starts with the letter ________ " 
Sometimes she gets it right but other times, I have to gently correct her. 
It's fun to see her learning, applying, and making great friends. 

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