Friday, June 7, 2013

She's a water babe this year

As happy as came be!

When it wasn't raining this past week, you could find us at the Spray Park just a few blocks down from us. 
This girl is a total water babe this year. I'm so happy she loves to play and splash around and get WET!
It's going to make this summer much more bearable -heat wise.

We arrived at the park next to the spray grounds on Tuesday to play on the slides & swings only to be surprised to find little ones were dressed in their swimsuits and mamas applying sunscreen while they anxiously awaited the water to start at the spray grounds next door.
The spray grounds had opened just a few days ago- ahead of schedule!

When Taryn saw the water turn on, her eyes got so big and she started to scream and giggle. "Mommy, look at the water! Let's go!!!"
We ran back to our house and grabbed Taryn's swim suit and raced back. We were supposed to be in D.C. to meet our friends in 1.5 hours and I wanted Taryn to get all the fun play time she could. 

We had a blast and more of our friends showed up to play too. We went back the following day- and would've gone back again and again had it not been for the rain that poured over Thursday & Friday (today)

It's safe to say that we will be camped out at this spray park all summer long- because I never really thought about the fact that I would begin the summer being 5 months pregnant (not that big a deal) but end it being 9 months pregnant (because it doesn't cool down around here til' Oct.). 
  Oh boy.
 I'm sure we will be spending tons of times at pools, spray grounds, and inside cooled museums.

Bring on the sunshine! 

* Side note- I love picking up Taryn at the end of the day before her bath and smelling her sunscreen lathered skin. It takes me back to the beach every. single. time.


  1. I like that sunshine and sunscreen smell too. Are you guys staying in DC or are you back in AZ?

  2. We are still here in D.C. until we know what are next move is! When do you guys make the big move? We are SO excited for you!