Friday, February 23, 2018

A National Zoo Trip with the Haley's

These silly kids keep us on our toes in the best way possible. They love to be with one another, they all play well together and they always have a blast! I love love love hearing there combined giggles. 
And those poses ;)

Watch out, these zombies will eat all your snacks!
( Can you tell this was from October 2017?!)

Love Lynne! 

This was our first time playing in the prairie dog playground. Lots of tunnels and paths to take. The kids thought it was amazing. And they may have gotten stuck a few times. 

Haddie is almost always willing to take a photo and throw in one of her original poses. Sometimes I'm surprised when she picks a place for a photo. "Mom take a picture with me and the otters!" Well, ok then!
That poor bruise on her cheek! She was playing at the playground, trying to swing from the money bars when one hand slipped off, throwing her body forward. She landed cheek first on the rung of the money bar ladder. So so so many tears and the biggest puff face from immediate swelling. That bruise lasted for over a month, and even now you can still see a little dent. Her doctor said it will be a new dimple for her now :/

We're so lucky to have the National Zoo so close to us and that we can go so frequently. We've gotten the system down of how to avoid meltdowns (that big hill is killer when you have tired kids) and we had more successful trips than not. I love watching Taryn love on all her favorite animals. And she got to see the cheetah for the first time!
We love the Haley's and the time we get to spend with them. Our weekly playdates (with Carson and Haddie in tow) are more for catch up with Lynne and I, which I love! 

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