Monday, February 19, 2018

The Smiths visit the White House to see the Fall Gardens

Our friends asked if we wanted free tickets to the White House Fall Garden and though our weekend was packed, we thought it would be so fun!
 Notice my very Fall appropriate attire. But I was HOT!

This is our exhausted Taryn, just having run her first 1 mile long race that morning. May I add that I accidentally made our family park 1 mile away from where the race was so Taryn was walking a lot that morning already. Add on parking downtown D.C. and having to walk another 1.5 miles to the White house, then wait in a slow moving line while standing. It's amazing that neither girl complained. Taryn did take a rest here and there where she could, but no complaints! 

We carried Haddie for a bit here and there but honestly she walked most of it. 

Though it was a Fall garden tour, it ended up being a lot warmer of a Fall day and we had walked a lot! 
(Almost 8 miles total!!)

So we stopped for a cool treat in the shade of the trees along the National Mall. 

One thing I hope to always remember about Haddie is that her first priority is to find a seat on my lap or Tyson's. She is our cuddle bug and loves to be hugged and held close. It's something that I love so much about her. 

We had a fun packed day of adventure, goal reaching for Taryn and walking....lots and lots of walking! 
Now that we've seen the gardens, I'm ready to tour the inside of the White House! Luckily we have friends that can help us set up a tour, which will hopefully happen soon!

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