Saturday, February 10, 2018

Fall 2017

We worked hard to check off our Fall bucket list while trying to take advantage of the beautiful Virginia weather. The Fall is my favorite season to be out and about!
Nails Produce is the cutest little nursery with an adorable pumpkin patch, flowers galore and fun local goods like jams and honey. 

Love my Tyson and his willingness to go on adventures. Even when our schedules are jam packed and we have to squeeze them in, he is happy to do it. Tyson finds things that wouldn't stand out to me otherwise, like finding the most delicious berry syrup to take to a waffle party we had that day. 

Those cutie pies are always up for an adventure and I love that about them!

We went home with some fun pumpkins to decorate our front porch with and be bought a giant one from Costco to carve for the first time!

We took advantage of the time we had left with my sister living close by. 

We met at Green Spring Gardens once morning before General Conference to run around a bit and talk. 

The cousins chased each other

Posed for several pictures on their own

And rode their scooters and bikes all around.

I love this picture of Haddie.

The fall leaves had just started to turn colors but we found some dead leaves to have fun with. 

Braden and Cora thought this was the best! Taryn would throw the leaves in the air and they would follow suit. Haddie didn't want to get dirty :)

And Tyson was the favorite. Cora and Braden would run to grab his hands and Taryn & Haddie followed to be with them. 

They walked around a lot of the Gardens like this 

My sister Brittany and me. Sometimes people say they can see the resemblance (I kinda can) but the biggest thing we have in common is our voice. It's almost identical. 

Coming back home for General Conference, the girls kept busy with drawing and crafts. Conference is getting easier and easier to pay attention to now that the girls are getting older. 

On her way to ballet and posing with our front porch decor. 
Man, I love our little hose with all my heart. 

Taryn had taken a bigger interest in what she wears and shopping. I'm loving it! She likes to be a little more fancy (dress, cardigan and occasionally booties) at school now but she still has to be comfy :)

On the weekends we try to plan bigger adventures when we don't have other responsibilities. 
And sometimes on the way there, we find Civil War sites. This was the battle of Aldie. I had Tyson pull over so I could read the signs and take pictures because it was gorgeous. So much history all around us out here on the East Coast. 

Then to our favorite Farm- Great Country Farms! We feed the animals, play on all the giant tube slides, eat the yummiest apple cider donuts and bounce on the giant pillow. 

This year our favorite attraction was the Ninja Warrior obstacle course. Taryn and Haddie both did it and loved it. 

We met up again with my sister Brittany and her family. The kids loved all the animals and going up and down the slides many times with their cousins. Braden and Cora were giggling so much. 

Here we are watching the automated T-Rex crush a pumpkin with our friends, the Tripps. We were able to see lots of friends that day at the Farm even though it was hotter than expected for this Fall day. 

Taryn got picked to help "floss" the T-Rex's teeth. She loves to be apart of the show!

Hot, dusty and dirty... but they loved it. 

We finished the day at the farm with a cold treat (ice cream) under the shade of the giant cow :)

Throughout our Fall adventures, we had many opportunities to get face painting done. We found out that the girls are willing to wait for over an hour to get their face painted and don't mind having to wash it off before bed anymore. 

We went to an indoor jump park on a no school holiday so they offered free face painting. Score!

Waiting at the neighborhood Boo Ha Ha and getting their face painted. 
I think we did this and each got to pick which jump house they wanted to go in before the Boo Ha Ha closed. We got there a bit late because of Taryn's soccer game. But faceprinting was still a priority!

One Fall family tradition includes Family Photos with our favorite photographer Caitlin Sheffer. We bribe our kids with getting donuts after if they smile and corporate for the photos :)
Works every time! Caitlin suggested this adorable bakery in Fredericksburg called Paul's Bakery. It was delicious and hit the spot after a morning of smiling. 

My sweet Taryn and the flowers she picked for me while we were on a walk :)

Voting!!! Oh so important and I love taking me girls with me. Those future voter stickers are super cute too. 

I've been practicing my photography skills as I work on more cakes. I used Haddie and her little friend as test subjects. They move a lot more than cakes do :)

One weekend when Tyson was busy with helping someone move, the girls and I tackled the larger than life project of racking our fall leaves for the vacuum collection the following week. These girls worked hard and did a fantastic job. I was super impressed with their dedication and how they made the job fun. 

Look at this fashion choice of Taryn. Adorable dress, cute furry vest and my pashmina ;) On our walks to school every morning, Taryn finds a bush with these red berries and stops to pick them. She calls them her love berries and throws them around the side walk while we walk. She says she's "spreading the love all around." I love that sweet girl and her big heart. 

Small hikes are our favorite and take only 15 minutes to get to where we live. Some hikes even lead to a park, which the girls find as a big bonus. I guess this is training for the girls for when we start hiking bigger distances. 

Caught Tyson in his element. Outside, spotting birds, and taking pictures. 

Taryn and Tyson took off on a race together while I walked up the big hill with Haddie. They have a special relationship. Really though, Tyson has a special relationship with both his girls. He is an excellent "girl dad" and believes teasing will toughen them up, tells them (and me) he loves them every day and takes the time to play with them whether it's card games, races, legos or dolls. 

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