Monday, February 19, 2018

Haddie turns 4 years old!

Our little Haddie turned four years old back in October, 2017. 
She talked about her birthday for months! She changed her requests for a birthday cake several times and also what she wanted to do for her birthday. We finally settled on a costume party. What I loved the most was her adding "If my friends don't want to dress in a costume, that's ok, they can still come to my party. And if they don't want to eat pizza, it's ok. They can still come to my party. I just want my friends to come and have fun at my party."
Love that sweet girl!

She was happy with her birthday pancakes (a special request and a little break away from our normal birthday cake breakfast.) Haddie knows just what she wants! She asked for a big stack of pancakes with a number 4 birthday candle on top. So that's what she got! Oh, and that "Shimmer and Shine" costume was a special request birthday present as well. Such a fun girl. 

Excited to start her day off in style!
We decided that having a birthday in October when it's 65 degrees outside means you should have a party at the park. But we didn't want Taryn to miss her sister's birthday so we pulled Taryn out of school over her lunch time so she could have lunch with us and dress up in costume too! 
I know Taryn loved this special treat. Also, Tyson happened to be really sick that day and stayed home from work. I didn't know how much help I needed for a simple birthday in the park. I'm thankful he was there. He did leave after 30 minutes because he didn't want to spread anything to the kids. Man- that guy never takes a sick day. He was a trooper for helping so much. 

Haddie was so excited to have all her little friends and their siblings there. 
Gwen, Madison, Kaytlin, Olivia, Lincoln, Emerson, Eliza, Simon and Rachel. Some friends couldn't make it but that's ok. 

My sweet little girl requested an Elsa cake which was fun to do. The downside to making cakes as a hobby is that the girls want to change their birthday cake requests every time they see a new cake! Haha! Thankfully this one was an easy seller for me. 

Costco pizza, fruit, veggies and doritos and juice boxes were a total win! 
Keeping it simple but fun. 

We were thankful Aunt Brittany could be there with Cora and Braden. Haddie was being a stinker and very tired by the end and didn't want to have her picture taken with them. (Can you see her in the background refusing to come??!!) But I was a sneaky mom and still got her in the photo. Birthday blues are a real thing and when there is too much attention on Haddie, she will show her dislike after she gets tired. 

We love our little Hadleigh and the joy she brings to our family. She has a funny personality and makes us laugh easily with her sharp wit. She is a cuddle bug and never fails to say "I love you" several times a day. She is stubborn and has the strongest will I have ever seen in a child. Hopefully she will be able to use that for good as she gets older. She loves to dance and sing and will cry if you turn off the car music before a song is done. She can dance laps around our front room to The Greatest Showman soundtrack and changes her dress ups at least 5 times a day. The best spinning dresses always win out. Haddie has the best poses for pictures (not taught by me, just something she does on her own :) And we love her to pieces! Haddie and Taryn play so well together and I'm grateful every day they have each other. 
We love our Haddie Paddie. 

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