Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Smith's journey to upstate New York July 2017

We had been looking forward to the Scott Family Reunion in upstate New York for such a long time! I've been to New York state several times but Tyson and the girls had not. We decided to leave a few days early and make our own little trip our of our drive up. 
Within the first 30 minutes, Haddie got car sick. Thankfully, it was only one bout of car sickness and nothing more but man, did it take a while to get everything cleaned up! Thankfully we found a grocery store pretty fast and we febreezed and clorox wiped that car seat (and unfortunately some of the seats in our car) and we were rolling! Armed with saltine crackers and sprite were ready for round two!

Haddie was feeling much better after the windy roads and we were able to stop at a fun little Tastey freeze that Tyson had read good reviews about. After a yummy lunch of pulled pork nachos and the like, we got "small" ice creams. Well, those "small" ice creams ended up being gigantic!!!! Apparently that's how they scoop there. I mean, the baby size weighed as much as a newborn baby! I couldn't finish all of mine and it looked like the girls hardly touched theirs, though they are been working on it for awhile. 
We found out we love Perry's ice cream and that's it's specific to Pennsylvania and New York. Super yummy flavors. 

Another amazing stop on our 8 hour drive to Niagara Falls, NY was Kinzua Bridge, PA. This used to be the site of a working railroad that spanned the length of this valley. With a 300 foot drop, it attracted many riders for the "fear factor." The train could only go about 5 mph for fear of the wind pushing the train off the tracks. 
A tornado ruined the tracks and instead of rebuilding it, they built a look out point. 

This is one of my favorite photos!

He loves to find a gem like this!

That's Haddie standing on the glass floor, 300 feet in the air. Then she started jumping up and down and my legs turned into jello. I had a hard time walking on that bridge with my fear of heights. 

You better believe I was clinging on tight!

These girls love to explore and have an adventure.

We're all practicing our selfie stick skills. It's still too heavy for Haddie to hold by herself so I hold it up and she pushes the button. Oh and one of the ways we got Haddie to be happy again after she threw up that morning was putting her in the Elena of Avalor jammies we had packed for her. Tyson picked them up from a work giveaway. 

Just look at that amazing view! I'll just pretend I wasn't scared out of my mind!

I loved the view from the trail because it meant I wasn't standing 300 feet above the gorge. 

A few more hours of driving and we arrived at Niagara Falls

What an amazing experience for our family. We arrived just in time for the observation deck being "free" for the rest of the day (saving us a total of $4 -haha!) The last time I was at Niagara Falls was when I was about 12 years old. We arrived on a super overcast day and we could only hear the water falls. It was such a dense fog that there was no way of seeing the falls so this experience with clear blue skies was picture perfect. 

Now the girls at this point were starving for dinner and we only brought fruit snacks along with us so we had to make our stop rather quick. Thankfully the fruit snacks held off the "HANGRY" girls for a bit so I could get my fill of seeing the falls. 

Then it was off to our hotel where we had Pizza Hut for dinner 

The girls love sleeping in hotels and ask occasionally when we are going to "sleep in a hotel" again. 
The next morning we went to church in Niagara and then made our way for a bit to some of the finger lakes. 

Seneca Lake was beautiful but stinky too! There were so many dead fish on the shore....weird but the girls loved the park to stretch their legs. 

Thanks girls, for indulging my needs for pictures to remember our adventures. 

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