Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Playing in the water all summer long.

Oh these kids!!! Love them all

Can you tell who doesn't mind stopping for a photo? Haddie is always easy to catch, and she throws her own poses in there too :)

Getting soaked coming back to our car in less than 2 minutes. The rain came WAY earlier than expected (ugh- Apple weather map- get it together!) And we were caught unprepared. I laughed hysterically. The girls HATED it! 

It's interesting too me that we spent more time at pools this summer and the Yards Park wading pool than splash pads. My kids don't find them fun anymore and consequently, didn't get sick once this summer! Hmm..... guess it's a good idea for us to avoid the splash pads (because they somehow end up trying to drink the gross water!) That's a win for this summer for sure. 

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